New Beginnings

Hola! I am so excited to be starting this blog!

I was contemplating when to start and decided, September 1st would be as good a day as any. I LOVE September 1st. Can you guess why?

#1 Reason I LOVE September 1st: PUMPKIN!

Apparently, pumpkin is not sold year round in every state. Or city. Here it is, BUT September still symbolizes the beginning of pumpkin season to me. Last year I roasted my very first pumpkin and it was the best thing I ever ate. Pumpkin-wise that is. So much so, we had to do it again.

Soooo, now September will mean the beginning of pumpkin season and the launch of my healthy living blog. Oh, I so hope I can call it that.

Ok, so a little about me. This ain’t my first Rodeo. Healthy living I’ve been trying to do for a long time. Let’s just say, I can totally understand how Biggest Loser contestants blink and gain all their weight back. *Points finger to herself* Yep, I’ve done it. Ok, so I never lost like a 100 pounds or even 80 or even 50. I lost like 15 and am almost back to my original weight. Almost. I hold on for dear life.

I hope to learn things about myself through this blog. I hope to gain some discipline. I hope to put all my good knowledge and reading of other blogs to good use and shed these pounds off again and then some, or else all I’ve been doing is wasting my time and my eyes reading. Ok, not really, I enjoy the reading.

Most of all, I hope this marks the beginning of good things to come. Post-wedding, post-recession and post-fail operation get healthy #1.

Does September 1 mean anything to you? Or is there any other time of the year that symbolizes the start of a certain season or a new beginning? 


About Rebecca Cruz

I am a 30 something working mother and wife trying to get healthy while getting everything together!
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