Change of plans

I wish I had taken a picture of dinner last night because it was delish. My crockpot stuffed bell peppers were a success!! The Hubs really liked them too despite the ground turkey. ūüėČ The recipe was quite simple too:

Crockpot stuffed peppers

1 lb 3.6 oz ground turkey (this is what I used because I buy it in bulk and separate it into freezer bags then weigh them)

1 1/2 -2 cups cooked brown rice (depending if you like more or less)

1/2 an onion, chopped

5 green bell peppers

1 jar of marinara sauce ( I usually make my own but I used Newman’s Own for the sake of easy and fast)

salt + pepper + garlic salt to taste

1 -2 tbsp olive oil

Saute your onions in the olive oil until soft and translucent. I love carmelized onions to I browned them a bit too. Meanwhile, cut the tops of the bell peppers. I used a paring knife and just cut around the stem. Remove the top and as much of the inside veins as you can. Once they are all hollowed out, rinse the inside to get all the seeds and place open side down on a paper towel or cutting board to drain. Next, mix your turkey with the cooked rice and add salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste. Onyl I didn’t taste raw turkey. I just eye balled. Add the sauteed onions and mix well. Then, stuff the peppers with the turkey mixture and place in the¬†Crock pot open side up. Once they are all in, pour the marinara sauce over it. Put the lid on it and cook on low for 8-10 hours. if you cook on high, it will¬†probably take 4 -5 hours.¬†When serving spoon some marinara sauce over the peppers.

I served this with some extra rice and summer squash sauteed in Garlic Gold.

Tonight’s dinner, however, has had a change of plans. I was going to make green chile pork, but my son did not clean my¬†Crock pot last night and I started to this morning but it was just too much work. So back to the drawing board on that one.¬†I am thinking tonight might be a shrimp and pasta night after perusing¬†this recipe from The Pioneer Woman. We shall see what I decide by the time I get home.

Do you get deterred from your original dinner plan easily?

Obviously, I do. If I don’t have the right dish or am missing a certain ingredient then yes, I sometimes go another route. I am not sure why, it just seems to loose its appeal somehow.¬†

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Healthy habit #1

Good morning blogworld!

I guess this blog thing is not going so well, eh? Ha ha¬†I was feeling pretty bad last week and I struggled through the weekend to try and feel better as there were outings to¬†go to, friends to hang out with and attics to get cleaned.¬†Thanks to Mucinex and Claritin-D, I’m almost normal again. ūüôā

Even with all this I am quite excited about something this week. Lets back track a bit. About two years ago I was on a straight and awesome track to eating healthy. I would plan, shop and prepare. I never missed breakfast, I cooked about 75% of our meals and I exercised regularly. About a year ago,¬† I was struggling but I was managing to maintain the weight loss I had before. Then somewhere between last October and this March (the wedding) all healthy sensibility went out the window. Since the end of March I’ve been desperately WANTING to get back to that happy place of two years ago. I can’t say I’ve been desperately trying though.

Well, this week I have starting one of my healthy habits and I am going to try “desperately” to keep it up. The planning part. Planning really does help meals go more smoothly. Monday night we did not plan at all. I confess, I was all ready to go to Whataburger because we had been cleaning out the attic all afternoon and it was getting late. We had to eat and we didn’t really have time for me to fix something. Or so I thought. Then, my husband suggests we cook some steaks. I wasn’t exactly in the mood for steak so I crinkled my nose a little. In the end I obliged because he offered to cook them. While he prepped the steaks I sauteed some onions and boiled some gnocchi. In about 30 mins we had a lovely steak dinner with lemon butter gnocchi. I did plan ahead that¬†night. I decided to defrost some short ribs and stick them in the crockpot the next day.

Crockpots (aka slow cookers) are such nifty kitchen¬†gadgets. It saves so much time. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately since I have a son who will be playing sports and that means one day a week where our routine will be disrupted (read= turned upside down). So I decided to test my little Crockpot’s usefulness. I have one similar to this but different design:

It’s very basic. Now, I would love one like this:

I actually had one like this, if not this one, on my wedding registry. However, people apparently really wanted me to have the power blender instead. Who am I to interfere with what other people want for me?

Anyway, so until I get that one I have my basic one. Which is quite fine.¬† So yesterday I felt so overcome with some sort of accomplishment that dinner was halfway done when I’d get home. All I had to do was make some mashed potatoes and a veggie. I decided to look up some other Crockpot recipes. I came up with ideas for today and tomorrow’s dinner as well! Well look at productive little old me! I went to the store yesterday to get my ingredients and I set dinner #2 to cook this morning: stuffed bell peppers. I have no idea how they will turn out. I made them with ground turkey and brown rice¬†since it is what I had. I figured I’d serve a salad or sauteed veggies with it and maybe a little more rice on the side for the¬†sauce. My kids love rice. I am quite excited about tomorrow’s dinner as well! Probably the best of the 3!

So, I think I am going to be using my trusty old little Crockpot more to help me make quick easy dinners. I just need to do a little more planning of my weekly menu. Now that Fall is coming, that opens the door to soups and stews too which my family loves as well.

What do you consider your healthy habit #1? That habit that helps get you back on track?

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A Few of My Favorite Things

Hello blogworld. Hope everyone is having a lovely morning.

Last night we decided to have a “fend for yourself” night. The boys love it because they don’t have to eat vegetables. Haha I ended up having this yummy salad:

Don’t allow my bad photography to make you think this was nothing less than delicious and satisfying. You see that bowl? That was one of my “I don’t need” buys from Target yesterday. The tag said “plate bowl” or “bowl plate”. Either way, its a bowl and its flat and I love it. $1.99 each baby.

In the salad was: baby red and green romaine, 10 cherry champagne sweet tomatoes (the best cherry tomatoes ever), half a small avocado, a crumbled frozen turkey burger (homemade with turkey, feta & spinach) and Garlic Gold Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette. I meant to add some more feta but totally forgot when I saw it all assembled.

I have to say I ordered the Garlic Gold after The Fitnessista¬†ran a promo for buy one get one free. It included Garlic Gold Olive Oil, Garlic Gold Sea Salt Nuggets, and Garlic Gold Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette. I love every single one and am so glad I was able to get it x2! I keep one of the sea salt nuggets at work to sprinkle on my foods. I have always loved garlic and the nuggets are so divine. Although I’d like to try others than the sea salt. I like a lot and it can get salty sometimes.

This morning I woke feeling pretty horrible.¬†My husband called me last night at midnight to tell me all about his shuffleboard night. It is so cute how excited he gets. He is very competitive and they won so he was just ecstatic. All the enthusiasm I could muster at that point was just to listen to him. Once he got home, I had a hard time getting back to sleep. My eyes were watery, nose was running and my throat was not sore but scratchy and bothering me. Needless to say I skipped the workout this morning for more sleep. I woke feeling a little better; at least enough to go to work, but not great. So, I had a green monster this morning. I did not picture it, but once you’ve seen one they almost always look the same.¬† In my green monster was:

2 cups spinach (more or less I just shove spinach into my cup until it looks right)

1 banana

1/2 scoop chocolate Designer Whey (the last of it) & 1/2 scoop french vanilla Designer Whey

1tbsp flaxseed

about 4-5 oz. Skim milk

I mix it in this thing:

True story: We received 5 of these total as wedding presents. I will admit it was one thing I hoped we’d get specifically for green monsters… but um, I didn’t need so many. I still have 2 I have to return and can you believe my husband sold one at work too? We had already returned 1 before we knew we got the other 2.

Yep, thats my green monster machine. I’m trying to convince my husband to let me bring one to work.¬†I have my own little kitchen and that would be perfect.

After I got to work, I decided I needed some hot tea stat.

This is my tea love: Guayaki Yerba Mate Organic Endurance


One of my favorite things fo sho! Another is my mug which I had to show you a full frontal picutre of:

I have a few different mugs at work I like to change out but this one is my fav. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

What are a few of your favorite things?

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What I do for Love

Good afternoon!! I am not quite sure how I am going to model my blog.¬†I don’t know if I will in fact show everything I eat, because methinks that might get boring. Once something works for me or I like it, I pretty much stick to it. I’m a Taurus, what can I say, I don’t like change. ¬†Perhaps I will do it for a few days or a week just so you get the gist of what I eat.¬† Then, as I progress maybe I will post only new things that I try or find. Any suggestions of what you would like to see? We shall see what the evolution of 30 something will be.

So,¬†this morning¬†started out good and bad. My husband has to be at work by 6 am so his alarm clocks (yes plural) start going off around 4:30 am. I’ve begged him to change this and he doesn’t comply. Mind you,¬†I actually can be a very heavy sleeper and I ignore sounds (especially talking) very well. However, this morning I guess I had enough sleep (went to bed at like 9:30 pm) and there was no ignoring or sleeping through his alarms. I got up like a good little wife and made the husband an egg sandwich and a green monster minus the green. We were out of spinach. Heh heh I reminded him not to forget his green monster again. Guess wha? He forgot it.

So after doing my wifely duties, I proceeded to get dressed to go to the gym. Now at this point, actually right when I woke up, I realized I was under the weather. My throat was kind of scratchy. I clearly had a congestion thing going on plus a runny nose. Hubs has been feeling “sick” since last week. He did go to the doctor last Thursday and they ran a pnuemonia test and it wasn’t that. They said it might be a sinus infection so they gave him Amoxicillan. Hmmm. I’ve had sinus infections before…in fact twice in the past year…and he never caught it from me. Interesting.¬†

Anyway,¬†I procrastinated as long as I could and I headed to the gym. I had planned on a) wogging 2 miles and b) doing intervals of 90 sec run and walk followed by a 3 min run and walk x2 then 2 min run and walk intervals until hitting 2 miles. Once I started running…I felt like I hit a brick wall. My chest felt like it was just struggling for air and my legs felt like lead. It was horrible! I could not do a run interval longer than 2 1/2 mins. So, I decided to call it a day at 30 minutes which = 1.55 miles. That includes my warmup, intervals and cool down. I am slow, bear with me. Hopefully, Friday will be better. I did not take a picture, but I had some coffee, an egg and a piece of toast with smart balance light and cinnamon for breakfast.

Then, for lunch I had these leftovers:

Delicious. Last night I cooked up some turkey in Garlic Gold with onion and italian herbs.I also threw in¬†kernels from¬†2 ears of corn I bought last week and a small zucchini I probably bought the same day. They needed to be used. I am tired of wasting produce.¬†¬†¬†Then, I made a semi-fresh tomato sauce out of a can of whole stewed tomatoes whirled in the blended to be smooth like my kiddos like it. Now that I think about it I should have added my mushrooms from last week too! Gah! I have found I can all almost anything I want to my homemade pasta sauce and my kids barely notice. As long as it is blended, if they don’t see it they don’t taste it. So I threw that with some boiled pasta and then baked it. I baked in two layers topping each layer with mozzarella cheese. About 4 oz total. It was delicious and except for the cheese, relatively healthy. Last night we paired the pasta with a big green salad but today I just ate a banana with it. Still yum.

I ate my lunch then I headed to Target for some necessities and ended up with somethings¬†I didn’t need but wanted. Such is life. About mid-afternoon I decided it was time for a little snack:

Enter my favorite mid-afternoon snack. Oikos yogurt (this one was caramel), a chopped gala apple, some granola, some raw oats, a drizzle of agave and sprinkle of cinnamon. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm!! Party in my mouth I tell you.

Tonight the hubs has shuffleboard, so its just me and the boys. I am not quite sure what will become of dinner. It will be a Wednesday surprise!

The reason I got up this morning and was a “good little wife” is because otherwise my husband will not eat breakfast and I am convinced it is totally screwing up his metabolism plus thats why he is so tired once home. It requires¬†an effort from me, but I really want to get him on the right track.¬†Is there anything you do to help¬†your husband or significant other (for love)¬†to eat better or more consistently?¬†

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New Beginnings

Hola! I am so excited to be starting this blog!

I was contemplating when to start and decided, September 1st would be as good a day as any. I LOVE September 1st. Can you guess why?

#1 Reason I LOVE September 1st: PUMPKIN!

Apparently, pumpkin is not sold year round in every state. Or city. Here it is, BUT September still symbolizes the beginning of pumpkin season to me. Last year I roasted my very first pumpkin and it was the best thing I ever ate. Pumpkin-wise that is. So much so, we had to do it again.

Soooo, now September will mean the beginning of pumpkin season and the launch of my healthy living blog. Oh, I so hope I can call it that.

Ok, so a little about me. This ain’t my first¬†Rodeo.¬†Healthy living I’ve been trying to do for a¬†long time. Let’s just say, I can totally understand how¬†Biggest Loser contestants blink and gain all their weight back. *Points finger to herself* Yep, I’ve done it. Ok, so I never lost like a 100 pounds or even 80 or even 50.¬†I lost like¬†15 and am almost back to my¬†original weight.¬†Almost.¬†I hold on for dear life.

I hope to learn things about myself through this¬†blog. I hope to gain some discipline. I hope to put all my good knowledge and reading of other blogs to good use and shed these¬†pounds off again and then some, or else all I’ve been doing is wasting my time and my eyes reading.¬†Ok, not really, I enjoy the reading.

Most of all, I hope this marks the beginning of good things to come. Post-wedding, post-recession and post-fail operation get healthy #1.

Does September 1 mean anything to you? Or is there any other time of the year that symbolizes the start of a certain season or a new beginning? 

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